I'm Amy Cassels, I am a wife, mother to 3 homeschooled children, own 2 businesses and we love to have lots of fun!  I'm also a Wellness Educator in the fields of fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and Young Living Essential Oils. Im a rookie homeschool mom of 3 beautiful children for the last 2 years. We love to have fun outdoors, cook, watch movies, travel and play with animals. Life is beautiful and we feel incredibly blessed by all that we have.  My wellness journey began as a young child when I was exposed early on to this wonderful world of optimal health and well being. My earliest memories of fitness are from my extended Oregon family teaching me to walk everywhere and to put my body in motion daily! My Gramma Mary would make me smoothies as a kid with added veggies like carrots and celery. I knew even then as a 12 year old that this was nourishing for my body. I simply liked the way it made me feel. She would also make her own lotions and bath salts with oils like Lavender and Sweet Orange Essential Oils. While I was quite clumsy in school, often put on the intramural team, I still loved to exercise. So, I found a way, starting in 5th grade, where I would roll through our neighborhood on a bike or rollerblades. This later urged me to ask for my Christmas present in 6th grade, The Buns, Legs, Abs and Thighs of Steel video series! I still have them too AND, I definitely implement them into my fitness classes!! In April Sound we had a country club with a workout room. There was an older gentlemen Personal Trainer always working with clients. He let me follow him around weekly. I wish I could thank him now for his influence.  Fast forward many years through high school and college. Many, many, many migraines later I finally managed to Graduate with my Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and Health Education from Sam Houston State University. This was a turning point into where I wanted to go. Holistic or clinical? I could either go into the clinical realm of physical therapy and/or Dietetics, or turn to a Holistic approach to teaching and educating others. I chose holistic because I simply was astonished by the relief that this field had on my migraines when the medical field offered me no hope except a handful of prescriptions with side effects. After many years of seeing a Neurologist, my migraines became ALMOST non existent by simply changing my diet, managing stress, balancing hormones, essential oils and eliminating chemicals.  So, here we are today. I'm teaching YOGA, Aromatherapy Classes and Aroma Freedom Technique. My priority in life is to put my Heavenly Father first in all that I do, then my Family. My career is third, however because my job is so fulfilling it also balances my need for friends, fun, fitness and finances. Thank you, thank YOU for caring for your health and passing this on to our future generation. TRUST me, even just ONE exposure can effect that child for a lifetime.

In health,
Amy Cassels